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atelier del marmoleador

ilustracion de como era un atelier de marmoleador segun Diderot

engraving belonging to the Encyclopedia of Diderot as marbler workshop was in 1765.

ebru, papel marmoleado, marbling paper


marbling paper

eBru, craft marBLinG PAPER.

The Ebru is one of the oldest oriental decorative techniques of book. It isn't known when or where it first time came into being. Ebru is a Persian word, meaning cloud or cloudy for its resemblance to a sky with clouds. The Ebru is an art linked to the history, to love, the arts book are intimately related with Islam. The need to write the Koran and preserve the revealed word, made that the most great masters done the arts book, at the highest level. Ebru art can be described as the paint on the water, where the designs are made on the liquid material and transfered to paper. In each process leaves a single copy, and you may never go back to get the same design. The classic Ebru is performed in a rectangular tray filled with water mixed with a mucillagenous solution. Traditionally used tragacanth. But now, replaced by seaweed powder (deniz kadayIfI). The colors made with natural pigments mixed and ox-bile, and sprayed on the surface of the water with brushes made of rose stem and horsehair.

marbling paper

Based on some dated marbling papers in the Art Museum Topkapi Istanbul, we can say to that the ottomans knew and mastered this art in the fifteenth century. But it wasn't until the seventeenth century that this art spread across borders, expanding to Europe and from there at the world.

During the Ottoman empire was achieved exquisite refinement and feeling about Ebru art. Why?! Maybe for finding the inner beauty or maybe for the mystical aspect of this art... Who knows? But at the end, is a great projection of Sufi Islamic thinking of these ages.


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ebru, oriental marbling paper .

ebru, papel marmoleado, marbling paper

ebru, papel marmoleado, marbling paperpapel marmoleado

papel marmoleado

ebru, papel marmoleado, marbling papermebru, papel marmoleado, marbling paper