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Barcelona, 1980.

I 'm Mar Sansano I studied and worked in the educative and social area since 2007. In the same year I decided change the course of my events life and dedicate myself to arts. Also I was in that year started my artistic binding studies in Llotja, which is a design high school in Barcelona. From that moment I give priority to artistic and craft work. Three years late I finished my formation with the best mark of the promotion 2009/10 on my subject. Since 2011 I moved to Konya, city of Turkey, wich known as the city of  Mevlana Jelaladin Rumi (one of the biggest thinker of islamic mind). I’m learning in the Konya Bölge yazma eserler kütüphanesi müdürlügü  handwritten library some methods of decoration in the oriental crafts book, teship and ebru, turkish marbled paper. In 2013 I moved to Istanbul where I continue improving my formation in turkish marbled paper. Nowadays, in the little trips to Barcelona, I’m giving bookbinding and marbling paper workshops in art schools and civic centers.


I collaborated in different exhibitions:

Istanbul, Eyup Büyükşehir Belidiyesi. obra: gel-git. maig 2014. Istanbul.
. Istanbul, Úsküdar Büyükşehir Belidiyesi. obra: battal. abril 2014. Istanbul.
Konya Büyükşehir Belideyesi. pw: akkase. special honour. june 2012. Konya, Turkiye.
Ebru. Konya Büyükşehir Belidiyesi. pw: tulipanes. april 2012. Konya, Turkiye.
Ebru. Konya Büyükşehir Belidiyesi. pw:Battal november 2011. Konya, Turkiye.
Japanese Paper. Artesania Catalunya. obra: Al-Nour. october 2010. Bcn.
Arround the Silence. Sala d'exposicions del districte de Gràcia. Espai blanc de l'escola d'art i disseny Llotja. Piece of work: about the silence. 2010. gràcia, Bcn.
Eouvre graphique sur papier japonais Inshu. L’art dur/ sur papeir. obra: luz. 2010. Prades, France.
.Japanese paper. Itinerant exhibition. Piece of work: The fibre. original title; La fibra. 2009. Oviedo, Gijón, Astúrias.
In honour of Julio Cortazar. Homenaje Julio Cortázar. Llotja, art and design high school. 2009. Barcelona.
Japanese Paper.  Piece of work; Bcn- Japan. original title; BCN-Japón. 2009. Prades, France.
Japanese paper INSHU artisans and Spanish engravers. New fusion of the old east and west cultures. Piece of work; Natural 100%. 2008. Japan.
school Bindings of Afeda. Piece of work; If words were everything. original title; Si las palabras lo fueran todo. 2008. Madrid.