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.BinD your ideas.

llibre d'artista, enquadernacio creativa, enquadernacio d'art

We shape your projects and ideas.

encuadernacion creativa

.limiteD editions.
To create your projects we propose you these formats:

1.Production. Service for creative people. If you have an idea we give you professional advice to bind your project. only craft production. 9

2.Study of design and production. Creative and technical advice. We design your project in a creative and a personalized way. We shape your projects through our knowledge of artisan binding techniques. design + craft production.

Once we have concreted the idea we make a sample. Afterwards we make a serie or an only copy in existence.

In our projects we are crossing craft and design... We project that works for their originality and/or plastic beauty can transform the book concept...

Personalized projects with its own identity.

We Do maniPuLaTes for comPanies!!!
We do maniPuLaTes of limited editions, for more info click here.
Unique pieces or series. Limited editions.

& more...

3. New formats. .surprising packaging

packaging deluxe

we make and design cases, Boxes for your for sPeciaL occasions.

Which is your reason for surprise!??
Limited editions. Handcraft elaboration .